Is Cashify Safe and How does Cashify Work?

Is Cashify Safe and How does Cashify Work?

Cashify is an Indian online re-commerce portal from where you can sell and buy phones. You can sell your old & used phones in 60 sec and get instant cash on pickup. It uses an AI-powered algorithm to evaluate the value of gadgets.

You can use both the official website and app to buy and sell the phones. Here you will get to see the mobile of every company such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia, Apple and Samsung. On Cashify, you can also get additional features like doorstep mobile repair, refurbished mobiles, smartphone accessories & finding a new phone.

Cashify was founded by Mandeep Manocha, Nakul Kumar and Amit Sethi and has headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

In 2016, Cashify acquired Bangalore based Mobibang, which also worked as a gadgets resale.

Is Cashify Safe?

Yes, Cashify is safe and you can sell and buy phones hassle-free. Cashify is also opening an offline store in the metro city along with an online presence.

The most surprising thing is that even after deleting the data or after resetting the factory, the data of the phone is not completely deleted. If anyone wants, they can retrieve the data with the help of some computer software.

But Cashify assures that it never tries to retrieve the customer’s data and completely erases the phone’s data purchased from the customer. So that the person who buys these phones also cannot access any data.

So whenever you sell your old phones on Cashify, try to make sure that your phone’s data is completely unrecoverable.

How does Cashify Work?

The seller who sells the old phone to Cashify, that phone is not completely defective but the phone is very much a capable device and it can be used by someone else. Cashify purchases the old phones from the seller and repairs them and sells the phones all over India.

How to sell old & used phone on cashify?

Follow these steps to sell your old & used mobile on Cashify:

  • First of all download the Cashify app from the play store
  • Choose your city
  • After that, Cashify will automatically detect your mobile and to sell the phone click on “Sell Now”
  • If you want to sell another phone, then go to the Sell section and click on “Sell Phone”
  • Choose your phone company and model name
  • Now, Let Cashify check the condition of the phone and answer some important questions
  • Lastly, Cashify will tell you the exact value of the phone.
  • Click on “Sell Now”
  • Select date and time for phone pickup
  • Give your old phone to the pickup agent and get paid at the time of pickup. You can also choose another payment mode such as Internet Banking, Wallet & Amazon Voucher as per your convenience.
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