KGF Full Form

KGF Full Form

K.G.F: Chapter 1 was released in 2018 which was written and directed by Prashanth Neel. The film was made on a budget of 80 crores and its box office collection was 250 crore. In this movie, Yash was in the lead role as Rocky and he also received the Best Actor Award. K.G.F: Chapter 2 release date is 16 July 2021 and the film is made on budget of 100 crores. Many people have watched K.G.F: Chapter 1 movie, but very few people know what is the Full Form of KGF?

KGF Full Form is Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F.) which is a mining area located in Bangarapet taluk in Kolar district, Karnataka, India. It was one of the significant gold mines in India, which was shut down on 28 February 2001 because of environmental and economical reason. The Full Form of KGF Chapter 1 and 2 movie will also be Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F.) because it is based on this.

You would be surprised to know that KGF was the second deepest gold mine in the world and the British used to call it “Little England” as the weather here was very spectacular.

There have been many things in KGF that have happened for the first time such as Silicosis which is a lung disease first noticed in KGF. India’s first hydroelectric plant was built at Shivanasamudra to provide electricity to KGF. Swarna Express, which is the longest passenger rail in the world, runs from KGF to Bangalore.


Kolar was first established by Western Ganga in the second century and these people ruled there for about 1,000 years. Kolar remained under the Chola rule from 1004 to 1116. Several Shiva temples were built under the Chola rule, such as the Someshwara and Sri Udandeshwari temples at Marikuppam village, the Iswaran temple at Urugampet and the Sivan temple at Madiwala village.

Vijayanagara Empire ruled Kolar from 1336 to 1664. In the 17th century, Kolar came under Maratha rule and was then ruled by the British. In 1880 John Taylor III acquired several K.G.F mines and his firm operated it for a long time.

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What is the Full Form of KGF movie?

The Full Form of KGF movie is Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F.).

When will KGF Chapter 2 be released in India?

KGF Chapter 2 be released in India on 16 July 2021.

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