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Bhojpuri Actress Anupama Pathak Commits Suicide at her Mumbai Residence

Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide at her Mumbai Residence

Bhojpuri Actress Anupama Pathak (40) has reportedly committed suicide at her Mumbai residence on August 2 2020. She went live on her Facebook a day before his untimely demise. In 10 minute live video, she looks very emotional and expressed his thoughts when anyone commits suicide & she insisted on not trusting anyone.

A suicide note has also been found in which Anupama Pathak cites two reasons. The first reason stated that he had invested 10000 in a Wisdom Producer Company.  After completion of maturity, the company was supposed to return my money with interest but the company was not returning my money.

The actress further explained the second reason that a man named Manish Jha took a two-wheeler from her. When he returned from his native residence, he refused to return two-wheeler to her.
According to the report, She was very worried about the money problem and was also suffering from cancer.

Meanwhile, She also shared his concerns on social media for Sushant’s suicide. In work front, She was busy directing a Maithili film before Lockdown. Recently, She acted in two short films as well.

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