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Bulbbul Movie Reviews: Anushka Sharma’s Netflix Production

Bulbbul review
Image courtesy: Netflix
Film NameBulbbul
DirectiorAnvita Dutt
ProducerAnushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma
WritterAnvita Dutt
Production CompanyClean Slate Films
Realsed Date24 June 2020
Total Running Time94 minutes
Star CastTripti Dimri(bulbbul), Avinash Tiwary(satya), Paoli Dam(binodini), Rahul Bose(mahendra), Parambrata Chattopadhyay(dr. sudip)

Bulbbul Review: Bulbbul is a web series produced under Anushka Sharma production, and recently Patal Lok was also released which have a good response in public. Earlier Anushka had also made ‘NH10’ and ‘Pari’ movie under her production.

This is the story of Bulbbul and Satya who love each other but in their childhood, Bulbbul gets married to Mahendra. However, Bulbbul and Satya continue to meet for a long time. One day Satya goes somewhere and due to this, Bulbbul cannot meet Satya for a long time. When Satya returns after five years, the mansion has changed a lot. There is a shadow of a ghost in that mansion, who kills everyone. Mahendra also dies. Now, Satya has to deal with all this problem.

You will be seen in the trailer that it is a horror film and liked more by those who watch a horror film. Anvita Dutt has made her debut in the direction and her work in this film is very masterpiece. Tripti Dimri looking gorgeous and played well in her acting. Rahul Bose comeback after a long time and worked perfectly. In his limited role, Avinash Tiwary also performed well and Parambrata Chattopadhyay work is phenomenal. The two-child artist also played their role in a superb manner. All the artists in bulbbul are perfectly cast and everyone shows his/her best skills. Even if the plot is predictable, it holds you till the end. It’s all about violence against women, gender inequality, child marriage and dark secrets of rich families. You can watch Bulbbul on Netflix.