How to Make Money from Instagram?

How to Make Money from Instagram

In today’s world, a lot of apps have from which you can earn money online and I will tell you how to earn money online from Instagram today.  Today’s world is full of apps and where people have different types of apps on mobile but they don’t know they can earn money from these apps. There was a time when people used too much Facebook but today people are connected to Instagram and even they can earn money from this.

Today Instagram emerged as a business platform and having 1billions + downloads in the play store. It is an American photo and video sharing social networking site and created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. But now it is owned by Facebook because Facebook buys Instagram for 6415 crores in 2012.
To earn money from Instagram in India, firstly you need to gain an ample amount of followers because if you post any video, post or story it creates engagement among people.
As a teenager you can also earn money from Instagram, you will have to post the content of whatever you like. This will also make you feel good and if you earn good followers, then you will also get money from Instagram.

Given below are the best way to earn money from Instagram:

1. Choose Your Niche

Firstly decide what is about your Instagram account. For example, If you are an actress, you can sell clothes and beauty products. If you do some fitness-related work, then you can promote protein products and fitness-related brands. It is not necessary that if your account pointing to some particular niche then only that particular niche brands can contact you. If you are a good influencer, then many brands can contact you to get branded. You can see if any Flipkart sale is coming, many Instagrammers promoting their sale.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In this, you can promote the products of any eCommerce company such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. When any buyer buys goods from your affiliate link, you can get a Fix Percentage of Commission. By signing up in your preferred affiliated program, now you can select any product that you feel that will be liked by more people and then share your particular products.

But when you add a link in the caption of the post, a link will be converted into text and no one will be able to click on that link and in the bio, you can add only one link. Therefore, you have to contact your preferred affiliate marketer and generate a Coupon Code for that product and write that Coupon Code with your post. From this when any person will buy that product they get a discount and you will get your commission.

3. Promote Others Account

If you have an account which has a lot of followers, then you can also promote other accounts. There are many users on Instagram who want to promote their account and they can contact you and you demand adequate promotion cost.

4. Sponsorship

Brands promote their products by sponsoring such people whose Instagram account engagement is more and give them money in return. In today’s time, people are spending more time on the Internet.  Therefore, brands also promote their products through online marketing.

5. Sell Your Photos

Many people are very fond of photography and wherever they go, they take lots of photos with their camera and even some are especially a photographer. You can upload your photos on Instagram and remember that whenever you upload a photo, then use your name or any watermark in that photo.  So that no other person can use your photos. Upload your best photos regularly and add a name, contact number, email or website, so that those people who want to buy your photos can contact you. You can create a simple website so that you can reach a lot of people.

How much you earn from Instagram?

In a survey of 5,000 influencers, around 42% said they can get $200 to $400 per post. Those accounts which have more than 1 million followers earn $ 700 to $ 900 per post and earn $ 2000 – $ 3,000 per post with more than 5 million followers.

How to gain more followers and engagement in your Instagram account?

1. Add an attractive bio
2. Add Your Email id and other details
3. Post attractive Photo
4. Use popular hashtags
5. Post regularly photos
6. Come live in your account at regular intervals

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